S U M M E R 

I n t e r i o r  D E S I G N

At first glance at the space, the extreme pure colors and rattan single chairs present a sense of exotic vacation. Natural light shines in every corner of the space. The spacious living room brings a sense of comfort. It is hard to imagine that this pattern is the result of the renovation of an old apartment in Taiwan for nearly 30 years. to make. Rusty pipelines and water leakage in old apartments are necessary for renovation. After we assisted in repairing and strengthening, we removed the original excessive idle aisles and re-summarized the pattern, so that the natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the living room, along with the pure white walls The special texture of organic paint diffuses and reflects, extends the light area, allows sunlight to light up the room, and uses the organ curtain to adjust the amount of light and sight into the space at will. The wall of the master bedroom is spread out in a corner, and the rainbow glass is inserted into the room, which only transmits light and does not penetrate the scene. The surface material is not stacked. In addition to meeting the owner’s expectation of a simple and bright space, it also corrects itself The structural defects of the building, under the pure white tone of the whole room, the software decoration uses natural vocabulary to enhance the sense of life, such as the use of rattan furniture and single chairs to convey a simple feel, especially the rosewood low cabinet at the porch exudes a rich historical trace, allowing the owner to be authentic Use and match with Nanyang wind plants to warm up the environment, so that each element in the space complements each other, fully embodying the relaxing and stress-relieving living quality. The fascinating part of space planning is not the stacking of surface materials, but how the pattern and movement affect people's behavior. The occupants of the space are still the owners themselves, and changing the pattern also changes the habits of life.





LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2019      SIZE 33坪     TYPE 住宅