I N D O O R  B A L C O N Y

I n t e r i o r  D E S I G N

The distance between people and the city can be shaped with gallery even without balcony.You can experience the vibrant nature even though living in city and placed in cement jungle. You are provided with the window with abundant natural sunshine even if there is no outdoor space in the house. After the space needed in life is met, the gallery is created for the light coming into the room due to the lines furnished where the sun reaches, which deliberately distance the sun from the furniture to form an indoor balcony so as to connect people and the city. The diamond lines are formed on the terrace when the sunlight passes through the curtains and French window. The owner of the house can feel the leisure atmosphere created by the warmth when he/she walks around it. The owner can either take care of flowers or play the piano when free. Such enframed scenery flawlessly displays a hectic city life that is made more pleasant by recreation. The spacious space with plentiful ray of light is applied with multiple natural materials to form three-dimensional expressions. The vertical wood lines and the original texture of cement ceiling, supplemented with part of undecorated wall erase the presence of beam lines, which balances the plainness and boldness. The wardrobes and storage cabinets are applied with the design of straight line segmentation, making the space well-regulated. When the indoor framed is formed, the cotton blanket meanders the softness. The natural rhythm is produced credited to the sun, air, wood and textile, illustrating the harmony between the life style of the house owner and the space, fascinating and attractive.






LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2017      SIZE 40坪     TYPE 住宅