I n t e r i o r D E S I G N

In the renovation of traditional residential buildings, there are often many existing conditions which need to be resolved one by one. For example, in this renovation project, there is a lack of sound insulation, unclear pipeline layout, and unfavorable window surface ratio. For this project, we start with the fundamentals, first improving the aspect of structures. Since the space here is not the owner’s permanent residence, it has sufficient flexibility in layout design. First, with the square-shaped public area as the center, we integrate the hallway with the living room, dining room, kitchen and other main areas. The solid walls are replaced with wall cupboards for storage, and awkward column corners are flattened. The overall color tone of the space is a single neutral color, with light colors and white toned paint, as well as thin marble patterned tiles, turning the walls into a background, and then the owner’s big collection of books and accessories filling in the color. Such a decoration highlights a homely lifestyle and displays a clean and simple looking house. Various mirror materials are inserted among plaster-colored ceilings, including titanium plating, pressing plates, stainless steel and mirrors. Such a design can also be seen in the sliding doors and ceilings of the master bedroom. Partial mirrors are used to magnify, mixing and matching with each other to extend views.The structure is like bones; it is the basis to construct comfort of this house. The residence style is based on the owner's preference, but the structure is examined and organized by the designers. With an open and smooth planning, even if it is a place for leisure and short residence, it embodies both function and atmosphere through the design.




LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2021   SIZE 38坪     TYPE : 住宅