I n t e r i o r D E S I G N

Breaking free of the conventional designing frameworks, this project features not a common sofa nor a main wall, but a Washitsu as its central living space, with a tatami area and a shrine designed to provide a leisurely and relaxing ambience, while emphasizing lighting, adopting an enlarged floor-to-ceiling window to introduce light into the room, and a grille corridor connecting the entire area to foster a sense of brightness in the household environment. Together with its open kitchen design, its low wall features a gray stonework texture that quietens the space and enlivens familial interactions, while at the same time producing a differentiating effect for the space in terms of materials.
Designed with a touch of Japanese ambience in mind, introducing a natural aesthetic into the space that the homeowner sought, the environment was extensively furnished with wood while the walls were finished with mineral paint to display a refreshing atmosphere and functionality, thus exuding a warm and natural living tone to the space. In addition, curved design is adopted to raise the perceived height of the interior, minimizing the sense of constraint and embellishing the beams, while simultaneously producing a softer visual impression and further achieving a unified level of spatial decoration.
For the entire space, in terms of functionality, especially through the elevated ceiling design of the Japanese Washitsu room, the storage and drawer cabinets are placed in the lower portions to satisfy the homeowner's storage needs; in terms of lighting, in addition to natural light, mood lighting components such as chandeliers, spotlights, floor lamps, among others, are employed to render the space with serene and harmonious atmosphere; in terms of materials, through the properties of textures themselves, the atmosphere is infused with simple and natural discourse, which in turn contributes to the aesthetics of simplicity in the space, accompanied by the application of soft furnishings and colors to convey the unique living style of the entire space and embody the homeowner's personal taste and style of living.




LOCATION : 新北市      YEAR 2022   SIZE 32坪     TYPE : 住宅