I n t e r i o r D E S I G N

This case involves a recently built apartment in Banqiao. Due to space restrictions, the little home is designed to provide high performance in a compact footprint in order to fulfill the storage function need. A wooden overhead cabinet and a woven door are employed to provide ambiance and ventilation in the entrance. With the reflection of the mirror wall, the entrance's initial narrowness is transformed into spaciousness, and various hues of flooring are employed to demarcate several regions.The gray terrazzo wall in the living room serves as a visual barrier between the entry and the kitchen, while the rounded corner of the open kitchen optically softens the lines. In lieu of a typical sofa's main wall, the focus in this instance is on maximizing space use in the reserved area, while simplicity and minimalism permeate the design.The ceiling is built with open pipes to create a space without unnecessary adornment and to heighten the impression of space. The beige-gray color is utilized to increase the height level, and the curved design twists the interface gently. It also employs beige-gray to enhance the height level, and the interface's design is gently curved. It lessens the feeling of oppression and trims the beams, and by the projection of track lighting, it creates the visual illusion of a gentle glow.




LOCATION : 新北市      YEAR 2022   SIZE 15坪     TYPE : 住宅