P I N K  H O U S E 

I n t e r i o r   D E S I G N

Spatial restrictions is not an issue, it’s only a matter of perspective.The traditional terraced house is equipped with limited floor area and limited daylighting, so, it’s expected to turn the disadvantages into advantages when it comes to planning. The design of themed space is applied to each floor.Guests are greeted by long, white carved folding doors, crystal-clear Kartell French single chairs and sparkling chandeliers. The whole pink and menthol green lattice line board segments the living room, enlarging the sense of space. The living room is neutralized by warm and plain wood grain, and the mirror at the bottom of the TV wall reflects the side views, producing a delicate feel.Part of the storage cabinet body adopts pink and mint green for the integrity of the space floor. Stepping up, the homeowner who is busy with his/her career every day expects his/her private space to be surrounded by his/her favorite colors. The main wall of the bedroom is divided into light pink, grille, and soft rising lines like dancing ribbon to create a relaxing and stress-free rest area. The glass louver house with limited space is not segmented with solid wall. On the contrary, it makes use of the rich open cabinet as the wall or as a corridor to expand the area between moving lines. The storage cabinets with the same functions are also applied to segment the space, making the visual experience increasingly perfect.In terms of planning, the pink, a symbol of woman is applied, to adjust the space and function. Meanwhile, the metal material integration interface, a symbol of the work of the homeowner, is used to present the combination of hardness and softness, and echoing the circumspection and perseverance from the inside to the outside. The design perfectly combines the owner’s preference with the advantages and disadvantages of the house, meticulously expressing the French light classic.








LOCATION : 桃園      YEAR 2017      SIZE 58坪     TYPE 住宅